About Dr. Celina

Dr. Celina, The Ambassador of Emotional Health, will transform your emotional intensities into heart realized symphonic melodies. Dr. Celina has years of experience in emotionally transforming women from across the globe; by increasing their abilities to reclaim their voice through Unlocking, Unveiling and Unleashing emotional complexities.

Dr. Celina is an international best-selling author of, “Five Keys to Emotional Oneness; The Emotional Detox System” and workbook. Dr. Celina is the architect of Healing Hearts Empowering Voice, healing circles and Dr. Celina is the voice for those who have suffered with the pains of abuse.

Dr. Celina will help you bridge your passions with your mishaps (life challenges); engage your weaknesses with your strengths and build heart centered love in pursuance of optimizing emotional freedom and heart felt consciousness. Let’s journey together into experiencing our innate gifts.


  • Dr. Celina Radio Interview

    Dr. Celina YouTube Interview, “Who Is Dr. Celina?”

    2018 YouTube interview on “Who is Dr. Celina” By Leana Neves. You can check it out on YouTube channel Oneness with Dr. Celina
  • Dr. Celina Radio Interview

    Dr. Celina Radio Interview in Praia, Cabo Verde (West Africa)

    2018 radio interview in Praia, Cabo Verde (west Africa) during domestic violence trauma and abuse tour.
  • Dr. Celina Launching of Oneness Live

    2018 launching of Oneness Live at the Inspiring Woman Conference on Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Dr. Celina 2017 New England Book Tour

    2017 book signing in Massachusetts.
  • Dr. Celina Book Signing

    Dr. Celina 2017 New England Book Tour

    2017 Book signing in Massachusetts.