Training Curriculum

The objective of the training curriculum is to promote healthy visual, emotional and interpretations for reclaiming our authentic voice, utilizing the process of the “Five Keys to Emotional Oneness System.” 

The curriculum is structured to produce chapters of our story while detoxifying emotional distractions that play a role in plaguing and hindering emotional freedom. The “Training Curriculum” hold three objectives.


1. To train social service professionals in the area of trauma and abuse using the five-key system. The curriculum is culturally sensitive, holistically based and creatively motivated. The Ultimate purpose of “Oneness” is to break the cycle of fragmentation, open atrium to restoration and rejuvenation in order to create a new tapestry for transformation and development of our authentic voice.


2. To train those individuals who met criteria, and are passionate about learning how to optimize emotional freedom and create one’s authentic voice, and are interested in becoming certified as an Emotional Health Optimizers.”

3. To offer training to everyone interested in the process of creating their own emotional freedom and optimizing their authentic voice.


                             Lets Live in “Optimal Emotional Freedom.”

Other Offerings; 

•  Domestic Violence Trauma Abuse Workshops.

• Women Empowerment Circle “Speak it, Forgive it, Heal it, Renew it,                       Change it ” Healing Hearts Empowering Voice”.

•  Lecture, Speaking Engagement, Presentations: Compensate Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, Optimizing Emotional Freedom.



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Healing hearts empowering voice healing circles

                                                                      Trauma Violence and  Abuse Initiative for Cabo Verde and the Globe

                                                                           Speak it, Forgive it, Heal it, Renew it, Change it

Dr Celina believes; “When we begin to trust in and live by the regenerative emotions in our heart we have achieved healing” The purpose of the “Healing Hearts Empowering Voices” Healing Circles is to create a safe environment for those who are seeking emotional healing, self-exploration, a supportive outlet, a place to be heard or a place to just listen. Healing Hearts Empowering Voices, healing circles will allow members to share in releasing emotional imbalances and fragmentation to unlocking blocked emotions, unveiling internal pains and unleashing buried thoughts and feelings. The goal is for members to reclaim their voice, strengthen their internal tapestry, open their heart to receiving innate gifts and to optimize emotional freedom.

Healing circles have historically been utilized as a sacred gathering outlet for social interactions. Although Healing Circles have made some transitions, many healing circles continue to be a place for sacred gathering, especially, for those seeking deeper connections to self and a connection to those who are of similar thoughts and intentions. Healing circles have proven valuable in empowering and strengthening community voices, togetherness, healing and in creating positive community transformation. With an open heart and open mind healing circles allow for the clarity of expression, understanding, thoughtfulness, perceptions, appreciation, emotional balancing and intrinsic healing.

The beauty of healing circles is in the opening of internal channels to deeper thoughts, actions, expressions and communications. It is these healing circle members who help to bring empowerment, healing and emotional building to their beloved community. As more and more communities create healing circles, the more healing will occur. These healing circles will create an embracing, creative and healing environment for the building of trust and for making transitions in thoughts and feelings. Through the emotional building of a caring and heartfelt  healing circle network; individuals will experience a renewing of self and desire to “speak it, forgive it, heal it, renew it and change it.”

The power of circles……

Healing Heart Empowerment Voices (Healing Circles)