"Oneness" Webinar
Unveil the mysteries of how we constructed our value system

“Oneness” Webinars are designed to unveil the mysteries of how we constructed our value system; what impacted our personality development; and who influenced our decision-making processes. In our overall development, many strengths and weaknesses have evolved. There are traits and characteristic that we acquire based on our values, culture, heredity, environment, exposures, and experiences that shape our well-being. Many times, what was learned and achieved in our childhood will take a turn through our journey through life.


“Oneness” Webinars will take a deeper look into the aspects of our “Thread of Life” to uncover the mysteries of our life’s journey. We will examine the fragmentations and those sometimes small and complicated emotional transitions that block, stop and many times flat line our successes. We will unlock, unveil and unleash those complexities and find the strength of our “Who that is in the Me.”  We will then write our story and those who are interested will write their next best seller.




Lets Explore

Your genealogy
Your visions
Your desires
Your memoires
Your experiences
Your hopes
Your dreams
Your renewing
Your transformations

“Optimizing Emotional Freedom”

“Write your story and Publish your book”

Enjoy weekly live webinars with Dr. Celina and many special guests; in looking for the “Who” that is in the “Me.”

· Map your family connections to the who you are, who you are like, what are the similar traits, characteristics and behaviors. Uncovering the making of the “Me.”

· Create your vision board to explore your passion and purpose

· Develop images of the “Who” you felt to be at certain developmental stages

·Journey through the “Five Keys to Emotional Oneness; the Emotional Detox    System” while you write your story. Each key will guarantee a start to a chapter of your next best seller.

·Meet with guest who will walk you through each stage of your journey and provide insights into writing and publishing your book.

·Explore writing and publishing a book collectively.

·Attend the “Optimizing Emotional Freedom Retreat” (optional webinar discount)



Registration: Full Registration  (One month Prior)  15 sessions $425 or $35 per  session

Early registration: three months prior 15 sessions $375 save $50

“Oneness” Webinars are scheduled weekly on Thursdays at 8:00 pm EST commencing on the third Thursday in January and June. Email Dr. Celina for any question including payment questions. Once you are registered, a schedule will be emailed to you.