"Oneness" Webinar
Unveil the mysteries of how your value system was constructed

Heart Waves

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic exchange of transitioning emotional influxes that sometimes block, stop and potentially flatline our ability to optimize emotional freedom.

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“Oneness” Webinars 

This session will explore our inner culture and the impacts and influences contributed to our characterological development formed by past life experiences and exposures which may have intricately or uncomplicatedly embellished or simplified the paths to our authenticity. In our overall development, many strengths and weaknesses evolve. There are traits and characteristics that we acquire based on the values, cultures, heredity, environment, exposures, and experiences that were set in front of us, which often influence and shape our perceptions of life. Many times, what was learned, observed and achieved in our youth will impact how we respond throughout our life’s journey.


In this session, we will utilize virtual tools in seeking a deeper understanding of the facets of our life’s journey through exploring the mysteries of our authentic self. We will examine the fragmentations and those sometimes small and complicated emotional transitions that block, stop and many times flat line our success. We will unlock, unveil and unleash those complexities and find the strengths of our best kept secret gifts.




Let's Explore

Your genealogy
Your visions
Your desires
Your memoires
Your experiences
Your hopes
Your dreams
Your renewing
Your transformations

Embrace yourself in the healing tapestry of Dr Celina’s Five Keys to Emotional Oneness. Allow yourself to unlock, unveil and Unleash Emotions that have laid dormant and at times are intrusive. Look deep into your emotional windowpane and build a healing bridge connecting your passions to those past unviewable memories and write your own symphony in the key of oneness…….

Achieving Emotional Freedom Optimizing Emotional Freedom 

  8 Weeks Course Live and Self – paced

Live Session: Two Hour Sessions, Saturdays’ at 10:00am EST